To the Editor:

I must comment on the circus in Ferguson, Missouri.

It was a tragedy when a white peace officer shot a black unarmed teenager. But before an investigation was completed and the circumstances were analyzed, rioting broke out. Trouble makers and hoodlums from as far away as New York appeared on the scene to start trouble including looting  and destroying property.

The protesters called for justice but where is the justice for the innocent property owners? Many of the local black residents were afraid to leave their homes because of the unrest. Unfortunately, as soon as the television cameras appear so did Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. These two men cannot wait to get in on the action to further more publicity for themselves, in my opinion. Any time one person is  killed it is a tragedy so why don’t we see Sharpton and Jackson in Chicago when several blacks are killed by blacks night after night. It is not national news, that’s why.

I am sure law enforcement learned a lesson as to how much of a show of force is needed and warranted when situations like this incident occur. I hope the citizens of Ferguson learn that if they went to the polls and elected a black city council, maybe they would receive the justice they want and not just complain about it!

Bill Quinn