To the Editor:

I was shocked to see in my local newspaper such a false representation of the nation of Israel and its leader Benjamin Netanyahu, posed as the perpetrators of violence in the recent conflict with the terror group Hamas.

While Israel is not perfect, the current conflict is not a complicated one to understand (albeit the western media is never thorough). Thousands of rockets have been fired at Israeli citizens in recent weeks, from Hamas terrorists who commit double war crimes by using their Palestinian civilians as human shields and their schools, hospitals and mosques as the very place they hide and shoot their rockets from.

What’s not told in the western media often enough, is that Israel sends out a warning to the people via text messages, phone calls, leaflets, and even a warning “knock” with a dud missile to tell the people living inside to get out, before Israel fires a missile to destroy the Hamas rocket launcher shooting from their location. The people living in Gaza are trapped by the bully Hamas, but Israel goes far and above to do its best to protect lives, even while destroying the arms and the weapons pointed at them.

I’ve been to Israel, and to put it in perspective, Oregon is twice the size. If we had any rockets (let alone thousands) being fired from Lincoln City at Keizer, by extremist terrorists who wanted nothing but the annihilation of the people in our town, I am pretty sure we would not tolerate it for one day. Israel has been battling this very right to exist as a nation not only of Jews, but Arabs, Palestinians and many other immigrants in peace and incredible economic productivity despite being under constant threat of war and death.  I realize a political cartoon is meant to provoke and sell newspapers, but this is totally inaccurate and a false representation of the State of Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Connie Miller