Day: August 15, 2014

Life’s little surprises, big & small

A Box of Soap by Don Vowell You’ll be surprised to learn that an encounter with black-legged Kittiwakes is the key to happiness.  I never saw it coming. Think back to a meeting, event, appointment, or date you were dreading that...

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Marking 69 years with nuclear bombs

Do you ever feel lucky to be alive?  Most people do, especially those who are well and happy, when they reflect on the notion from time to time that they are, as the colloquial expression goes, “glad to still be around.” I...

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Political cartoon tells wrong story

To the Editor: I was shocked to see in my local newspaper such a false representation of the nation of Israel and its leader Benjamin Netanyahu, posed as the perpetrators of violence in the recent conflict with the terror group...

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November election in Keizer

To the Editor: How do you feel about having an election and you know the winner before you vote? I am referring to the election in Keizer when there may be no opposition for council positions and the mayoral spot. The people...

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