Day: August 15, 2014

Good, not-so-clean fun

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes By its nature, a pie-eating contest isn’t clean. After all, contestants are planting their faces into a pie and eating as much as possible in a short time. Displaying manners and staying clean are low priorities. But the pie-eating contest at RIVERfair at Keizer Rapids Park on Aug. 9 kicked things up a level. Specifically, two people did: Lt. Andrew Copeland with the Keizer Police Department and Anne-Marie Storms, the public education specialist with the Keizer Fire District. Per usual, there were multiple categories for the contest: boys 13 and under, girls 13 and under (featuring mini pies), plus women 14+ and men 14+, featuring full-size pies from Shari’s. In between was the KPD vs. KFD vs. Keizer CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) battle royale. Two people from each group competed, sitting across from each other. Before the event got going, Copeland and Storms engaged in a lively but fun-spirited battle of words. The real fun began, however, when Storms realized any part of her pie she put in front of Copeland would be his responsibility to consume. Storms did that shortly after the contest started, using her mouth to scoop out a portion of her pie and depositing it on the table in front of Copeland. Game on. Copeland responded by flinging a portion of pie at Storms. A lovely streak of...

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Charette moved, details clarified

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes Next month a design charette will take place to look at long-term options for Keizer Rapids Park. The date for that meeting, however, has been moved. The charette is part of an ongoing effort to figure out what Keizer residents would like to see down the road for 28 additional acres of the park. The process started earlier this year when the idea of moving the Big Toy playground project was proposed by Mayor Lore Christopher. That, in turn, led to an effort to expand the Urban Growth Boundary. Such expansion would mean additional land to bring into the park master plan. Meetings have been held this spring and summer to solicit feedback from citizens and sports organizations about what amenities they would like to see in the park. With input gathered, members of the Keizer Parks and Recreation Advisory Board on Tuesday came up with a list of top ideas, to be presented at next month’s charette. For months, the charette had been listed for Sept. 20, though no exact time was decided. Now an exact time – and new day – have been decided. As board members started discussing timing, Public Works director Bill Lawyer made a suggestion. “We really need to revisit the date,” Lawyer said. “Servefest takes up the whole (Keizer Civic Center) on September 20. My suggestion is...

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Bicycle race series kicks up dust at Keizer Rapids

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes There was some home cooking going on Monday evening at Keizer Rapids Park. The Keizer Rapids Cross Twilight CX Series kicked off the first of three events Monday, using a 1.5 mile course through the woods at KRP. The three-race series continues the following two Mondays at the park, with registration at 5 p.m. and the first of three races starting at 5:45. Each winner on Monday had plenty of experience with the course. And for good reason: two of the winners were Salem residents, while another lived in Keizer until a month ago. Rolland Hayden recently moved to Gresham to start a new job, but until July was assistant principal at North Salem High School and lived about a mile from the park. “I knew every bump and corner on the course,” said Hayden, who won the beginner/junior/C’s race. “I had the home court advantage. It was a pretty big advantage, but I didn’t mind it. When I compete up in Portland, the guys from up there have the advantage.” Even discounting his experience on the KRP course, Hayden enjoys the layout. “It is a super fast course, very technical,” he said. “I’m super excited about racing here at Keizer Rapids Park. I will be here whenever they’re here.” Organizer Jarod Seaman from Half Penny Cycling in Salem first proposed the series...

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RIVERfair brings out the crowd

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes It was beautiful weather for a fair. Such was the case Saturday, Aug. 9 as the seventh annual RIVERfair took place at Keizer Rapids Park. There was live entertainment throughout the day. Early on there was the Copper Creek Mercantile Pet Parade, followed by the Golden Bone Awards. In addition to K-9 demonstrations by the Hubbard Police Department, there were a number of booths for visitors to stroll past and to stop at. Per usual, one of the highlights was the pie-eating contest, presented by Shari’s Restaurant and the Keizer UPS Store. An impromptu contest between three groups stole the show (see the story on the front page of the Aug. 15 Keizertimes for more details). Off-site there was a car show, while on-site the day concluded with a concert by Brady Goss at the amphitheater. Plenty of pictures from RIVERfair are in the print issue of the Aug. 15 Keizertimes, but even more pictures from throughout the day are on our Facebook page and also below. [fbphotos...

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Smacked by reality in the Middle East

By MICHAEL GERSON So ends a foreign policy experiment that began with two choices in 2011. In that hinge year, President Obama decided to stay out of the Syrian conflict and to passively accept the withdrawal of all U.S. ground forces from Iraq (which he later claimed as a personal achievement during his re-election campaign). I’m not sure the motivation behind these acts can be termed a strategy. They seemed rooted in a perception of the public’s war-weariness (which Obama fed through his own rhetoric), a firm determination to be the anti-Bush, and a vague belief that a U.S. presence in the Middle East creates more problems than it solves. Not coincidentally, according to political scientist Colin Dueck, “elite, trans-Atlantic liberal opinion” viewed Obama’s approach as “the height of sophistication, regardless of its practical failures.” Those failures are now massive, undeniable and unfolding: Atrocities in Syria (including the death of more than 10,000 children); an endless Syrian civil war in which the threat of the Islamic State, gathered strength; the victory of IS against a hollowed-out Iraqi military; the massacre of religious minorities; the establishment of a terrorist safe haven the size of New England, controlled by well-armed, expansionist, messianic militants; the attraction of more than 10,000 global jihadists to the conflict, including thousands with Western passports; and now the forced return of American attention to the region under...

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