To the Editor:

I have read and listened all Sunday morning to the views of pundits and politicians describing what we should be doing or have failed to do with respect to the Ukraine/Russia and Israel/Palestine crises.  Now that I am thoroughly informed, I offer the following thoughts:

1. Stop threatening Putin.  It is not only a waste of time but strengthens support for him at home.

2.  The tough stance against Russia encouraged by the “other” party reflects either ignorance of the possible outcome or simply a desire to see this administration fail – or both.

3. Trying to get Europeans to support increased sanctions against Russia ignores the fact that they have so much more to lose and how quickly it can be lost.

4. Let’s urge the convening of a congress of Middle Eastern tribes and ethnic groups charged with establishing a “restore point” in history for redrawing of political boundaries.  They will never agree but it would surely keep them occupied for a while.

Art Burr