The city of Keizer should see to it that the splash fountain at Chalmers Jones Park at the Keizer Civic Center is always operating during the hottest days, regardless of employee schedules.

The fountain is turned on when temperatures reach 75 degrees. Last week during a very hot Monday and Tuesday the fountain did not operate because it was the days off for the temporary employee in charge of it.

We certainly do not begrudge any person getting two days off each week. By the same token we don’t like to see a popular amenity such as the splash fountain go unused on days when kids of all ages seek relief from the heat and want some fun.

Surely there is a second person in the public works department who can do all the duties the fountain demands when the first employee has days off. It is not just a matter of turning a spigot. Fountain guidelines call for pH testing several times a day to assure the water is safe to play in.

This is a good use for the Keizer Parks and Recreation Advisory Board new grant program. Since Palma Ciea Pool Club closed, there is swimming pool knowledge that can be appropriated for the days the person in charge of the fountain is unavailable.

Though Oregon summers are temperate, our hot days seem very hot. Regardless of what day of the week the temperature is over 75 degrees, the city needs to assure the splash fountain is operating and available. Kids and grown-ups alike would be relieved.