To the Editor:

Things are happening so fast in the Middle East right now and our options are so limited that it is difficult to see what the United States can and should do to protect its interests and the unfortunate people caught in the middle.  Too, the wrong actions on our part could very well result in bringing terrorist attacks to our own shores.

The investment that the United States has made in lives and treasure in Iraq creates a great urge to do something.  Yes, to do something but what?  Like Vietnam, our invasion of Iraq was ill-conceived and plagued by faulty intelligence together with misunderstanding of the land, the people, the culture and history!

I received a little encouragement the other day when the president announced that further aid to the Iraqi government would be conditioned on correction of the exclusionary policies that seem to have fueled the present unrest.  Pundits suggest that this is unlikely to occur or that it simply may be too late.  One thing is clear, we must not allow ourselves to be dragged back into something that we should never have become involved in the first place.

Art Burr