Day: June 18, 2014

Water minerals explained

In the May 30 issue of Keizertimes, Keizer resident Mary Copeland had a letter to the editor asking why her water “often has enough minerals in it to discolor clothing, leave residue on glasses and sometimes emit an unpleasant odor.” Bill Lawyer, Public Works director for Keizer, was asked about the issue. In turn, Lawyer forwarded information from Pat Taylor, Water Quality and Source supervisor for the city. The information from Taylor is included in Keizer’s annual Consumer Confidence Report. “Keizer gets its water from deep wells,” Taylor wrote. “Well water has natural minerals which can cause staining. The yellow or orange color stain is mostly caused by iron whereas the blue or black stains are caused by manganese. These minerals are common in ground water. “To help with reducing staining in laundry we recommend you minimize or eliminate bleach which actually draws out the iron and suspends it in water making staining worse. For dishwasher staining try running a cycle with a citrus-based packet of drink mix or a tablet form detergent. Glasses are going to spot stain but you can help with a rinse additive and there are some products on the market that will help with that.” Taylor also had an explanation for the odor. “Rotten egg or sulfur smell in cold water is caused by the tubes located under the sinks,” he wrote. “The water...

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Audrey Butler takes over Keizer Chamber board

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes Audrey Butler was in line to be the new president of the Keizer Chamber of Commerce Board. She just had to wait a bit. When board members agreed to move the changeover date from January to June, that meant president Derik Milton was tabbed to serve an 18-month term, instead of the customary one-year term. During a Tuesday luncheon at the Keizer Quality Inn and Conference Center (formerly the Renaissance Inn), Milton handed over control to Butler. “We had some tough discussions and huge learning lessons,” Milton said of the past 18 months. “I have learned about bylaws. I learned there is a book called Roberts Rules of Order. This chamber has taught me more in street smarts and common sense than any job I’ve ever had. We had some stuff I didn’t agree with, but more I did agree with. To my board, I can’t thank you enough.” Milton recognized board members Paula Moseley, Rob Miller, AJ Nash, Jerry Walker, Bob Zielinski, Scott White, Dave Walery, Karen Ellis, Nathan Bauer, James Hauge and Butler, though five of the board members weren’t among the approximately 50 people who were in attendance. Christine Dieker, executive director of the Keizer Chamber of Commerce, thanked Milton for his service. “It’s been special working with you,” Dieker told Milton. “We’re lifelong learners. We’re students of people. You...

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