Several years ago the Oral History of Keizer project was going strong. Led by the Keizer Points of Interest Committee, older Keizerites were interviewed on camera about our city.

Interviewed subjects talked about the origins of Keizer’s cherished organizations such as Keizer Little League the Keizer Rotary Club and the Keizer Rural Fire District.

This project should not die; there is more history that can be preserved for future generations. History tells us where we’ve been and who we were.

Some people, especially those who have lived here for 20 years or less, can look around our city and think there is no history here. The Keizer Points of Interest Committe has done a good job of identifying important sites in Keizer dating back to the 1800s. Sure, there is no remnants of Thomas Dove Keizur’s homestead, but there is a sign placed where it was located, at what is now Chemawa and River Roads, in front of Shari’s Restaurant.

Oral history of our city just as important as signs pointing out what was here more than 100 years ago. Those who can remember what live in Keizer was like back in the 1940s and 1950s should be encouraged to take part in the project.

Nothing makes history come alive more than the memories of those who lived it. It is important to commit those memories to film. The Points of Interest Committee along with the Keizer Heritage Museum should re-energize the project and assure that those who lived and made Keizer’s mid-20th century history become part of the record of our times.