Day: May 9, 2014

Support for Bill Post for Dist. 25

To the Editor:  Bill Post is just the sort of candidate we need in the State Legislature. I enjoy discussing issues with Bill because he considers all the options and can see the different sides. I know that he represents my values and the way of thinking that will move Oregon back in the right direction. The hardest thing about trying to make our business successful in this district is the burdensome regulation and taxes. All the fees that small businesses have to pay really hinder our ability to expand and hire more people. We need a thriving economy so that everyone, not just me and my business, can be successful. Mitchell Teal Salem To the Editor: I am writing to support Bill Post for the Republican primary in House district 25.  Bill has served his community for decades and has established a strong reputation as a conservative Republican.  He believes in the Constitution and freedom through limited government and will be a powerful advocate for reform.  As a journalist, he has demonstrated a passion for finding and reporting the truth about our government. Moreover, his opponent, Barbara Jensen, has a long record working on failed state information technology projects.  Her involvement in such spectacular debacles as the state data center demonstrate that she is part of the very problem we need to fix.  Further, her political record to...

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Campaigns ignore the people

By DON VOWELL Let’s entertain a fantasy.  Let’s keep 2014 election campaigning limited to issues.  There are enough things to fix that we should not accept the dumbhead partisan attacks as legitimate campaigning.  The trouble with politicians is that they treat everything politically.  We need some statesmen. There was a wonderful piece by David Sirota over the weekend that addressed this problem.  He talked about pending Colorado legislative proposals to gain some local control over “fracking,” a procedure used to extract natural gas from shale.  A public health study showed some evidence that it creates health problems, including birth defects.  Of all the political comments he quoted, none of them mentioned health problems or the hurt done to a family by birth defects.  Each of them callously crowed, according to their party loyalty, about how this would damage the opposition in the next election.  That is what legislation is about these days.  Any possible harm done to citizens of Colorado is a secondary issue, if an issue at all. We’ll get it here in Oregon.  We have two Republican senatorial candidates who hope to win the primary election by showing that their dislike of “Obamacare” exceeds that of their opponent.  Why?  If either managed to win Jeff Merkley’s seat would they march off to Washington hoping to repeal the Affordable Care Act?  Tell us. Again, this shouldn’t be about...

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Sterling should not lose his team

Should readers have accepted the prevailing conventional wisdom on the case of Donald T. Sterling, they may not wish to read any further because this columnist takes exception to it.  I disagree with what the Clippers’ owner had to say in his prejudicial rant, but I do not agree with the punishments the NBA has decided to try to impose.  Why?  Because, to employ an old cliché, the punishment does not fit the crime. Let’s be candid and realistic about this.  It’s hypocritical and naïve to think that there are not other NBA team owners, coaches, team members and staff who do not hold untoward opinions about minorities and, yes, about whites, too,—no better or more respectable  than Sterling’s.  In fairness, if people such as Sterling are thrown to the disapproving masses, shouldn’t all nasty negatives be recorded and presented for public review? One of the principals in this case invites questions.  Among contributing factors, there’s contradictions where V. Stiviano says she’s not Donald Sterling’s mistress, simply an employee hired to serve as the L.A. Clippers’ archivist; yet, she occupies a front row seat for Clippers’ games, right next to Sterling, inviting the skeptical mind to wander widely into romance musings.  It’s reported, too, that Sterling gave V. Stiviano a $1.8 million apartment and several super-luxury automobiles. Is it remotely possible that Donald Sterling’s remarks about Earvin “Magic” Johnson were inspired because he thought Johnson was making a move on his “employee”?  Perhaps the taking of photos with handsome, famous men like Johnson by  Stiviano was calculated to play on Sterling’s emotions.  Could it be that Stiviano conspired to gain...

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