Day: May 6, 2014

Lady Celts rise, not all at once

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes No singles or doubles player was able to pull out two wins on the McNary High School girls varsity tennis team last week. The Lady Celts started the week with a 6-2 loss to Sprague High School April 22 and beat North Salem High School 5-3 Thursday, April 24. Lead-off singles player Sandy Childress took a win over Sprague’s Kate Goldworthy in sets of 6-0 and 6-2. Childress made it to the state tournament last season in a doubles team, but it is looking to improve on her finish this year in singles. “I’ve had a lot more practice this year and more experience. It’s helped me be more relaxed and not so focused on winning,” Childress said. “ The hardest part is trying to be consistent and play my best no matter who is on the other side of the court.” Tayler Rains and Krissy Kelty got the Celts only other win over Sprague at No. 4 doubles. Set scores were 6-2, 7-6 (1). Childress fell to North’s Maribel Ocampo in sets of 6-0 and 6-2. But, it was only the second loss of the season for Celtic junior. Both have been against the top contenders for the league title. In singles, Rachel Morrow got a win over Viking Cesilia Mutes in sets of 6-3 and 6-0. Morrow said adapting to...

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First revenue increase in six years for SKSD

By HERB SWETT For the Keizertimes The Salem-Keizer School District has its first proposed budget in six years that projects a revenue gain, Interim Superintendent Paula Radich noted Tuesday night. In the annual budget message to the School Board, Radich showed charts indicating that the 2014-15 budget amounts to $616,356,557. Eight times in the last 12 years, Radich said, the Salem-Keized district budgets were shortfalls. The revenue breakdown consists of $144,515,269 from local sources, $14,145,000 from intermediate sources, $290,559,632 from the state, $43,456,622 from the federal government and $123,680,034 from other sources. Expenses are $279,177,289 for instruction, $187,051,880 for support services, $19,022,789 for enterprise and community services, $33,578,759 ror facilities acquisition and construction, $51,033, 874 for other uses, a $13,258,979 contingency fund and a $33,232,987 unappropriated ending fund balance. The general fund is $395,416,237. The special revenue fund is $79,084,032, the fee-based programs fund $15,791,92, the food services fund $17,728,904, the asset replacement fund $7,582,230, the energy-efficient fund $1,909.147, the grants fund $36,072,459, the debt service fund $66,277,894, the Public Employees Retirement Service pension bond debt service fund $32,501,790, the general obligation bond debt service fund $33,776,104, the capital project fund $45,741,126, the bond capital projects fund $44,541,126, the special project capital projects fund $1.2 million, the enterprise fund $644,294, the internal service fund $29,162,874, the charter schools service fund $4,228,914, the services fund $6,468,331, the risk management fund...

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