Day: May 2, 2014

Bill Post for Dist. 25

To the Editor: We are writing to express our support of Bill Post for state representative in House District 25.  We know Bill to be a man of strong principles and unquestionable integrity. Even before he made the decision to run, he has always paid close attention to what’s going on in the Oregon state government and how it affects the citizens of this state.  Bill cares about Oregon and the people who live here and we believe he will do his best to keep the state government accountable to the people it represents. We believe he will make a difference and that he truly is the right choice for Oregon.  If you live in District 25 be sure to vote for Bill Post.  You won’t be disappointed. Joe and Diane Silleman...

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Big Toy: leave well enough alone

To the Editor: A mayor and council that cannot leave well enough alone is what we have got, it seems. The choice of placement of The Big Toy was for children’s safety which is very obvious to me. I find it so hard to understand why after all the effort that has been laid out by committees and local groups, to build this for the children of Keizer, a change of location would even come up. They have got a commitment from one of the local service groups that is well known for getting things done, the Rotary Club of Keizer. I find it to be a slap in the face to the many hard working groups that are ready go with the current location. My advice is that of my late mother:  “Leave well enough alone.” If you keep changing things around you are going to do more than just tick some people off, you’re going to loose the trust of a lot of people here in Keizer. Peter DeBeck...

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