To the Editor:

I was recently stunned to hear some radio ads broadcast on KYKN radio.  These ads were presented as “public service announcements” urging listeners to support various non-profit organizations on behalf of House Republican candidate, Barbara Jensen.

 It was my understanding that it is illegal for a non-profit organization to be affiliated in any way with a political candidate.  So, I contacted the presidents of the organizations and to a person they were extremely surprised that these ads were running.  They were aware that they could not be affiliated and they all stated that no one from the Jensen campaign had contacted them first to ask permission to use their names.  They all followed up with me to let me know that they had contacted both KYKN and the Jensen campaign to have their names removed, but that did not happen and the ads are still going forward with new organizations being added regularly.

Frankly it’s smarmy and disgusting political campaigning.  I am a registered non-affiliated voter and don’t have a dog in the fight, but I have to ask myself, “if Ms. Jensen wants to represent the needs of the voters why would she trample on wonderful organizations and put them in potential tax jeopardy?”  It sure looks to me like it’s Barbara Jensen first and the rest be damned—not someone I want as my representative.

Richard Siewert