Day: April 21, 2014

Prep work for any Big Toy site

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes Regardless of where The Big Toy at Keizer Rapids Park ends up going, the site will need work done before the community build. The play structure is set to be built Sept. 17 to 21, but prep work will need to be done prior to that. The question which has come up, including at the most recent Community Build Task Force meeting, is just when that prep work would need to be started. For months, Site 1 – or Area B, or the tree site – between the amphitheater and the boat ramp has been identified as the location. Since late January, however, a site in the orchards along Chemawa Road and Walsh Way has been championed by Mayor Lore Christopher. In order for the site along Chemawa to be used, trees would have to be taken down. Then again, Site 1 would have to be leveled in order to be used. “There has been a lot of discussion about resiting the play structure,” Carol Doerfler said at this month’s CBTF meeting. “My question is, what is your drop dead date for having to be on it?” Mark Caillier, general coordinator for the project, had a quick answer for when prep work would have to be started. “July 1,” Caillier said. “If we’re moving trees, we have to be on it by July...

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“Stone Cold” by C.J. Box

“Stone Cold” by C.J. Box c.2014, Putnam $26.95 / $31.00 Canada 371 pages BOOK REVIEW by TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER Sometimes, you just can’t fit in. You stick out like a sore thumb, totally unable to melt into the crowd. You feel like you have a neon sign across your shoulders; one that says “I’M NEW!” Yeah, you’re self-conscious then but, if you’re Game Warden Joe Pickett, you get used to it. And yet, as in the new book “Stone Cold” by C.J. Box, standing out could get a man killed. Anyone who’d seen Nate Romanowski on that nearly-moonless night would’ve instantly known he was a pro. Romanowski had studied the Scoggins compound, he knew how to get inside, and he knew Henry Scoggins was a jerk, that nobody would really miss him. Nate knew where all the security weaknesses and surveillance cameras were – except one. So when Joe Pickett was shown trail-cam video weeks later and he spotted his friend Nate dragging something, he knew that trouble was mountain-high. For some time, the Feds had been nosing around northeastern Wyoming, where folks kept mostly to themselves. In that atmosphere of solitude lived a certain Wolfgang Templeton, a man who owned half the county and most of the people in it, and whose name repeatedly rose during investigations of high-profile disappearances, including that of Scoggins. Was it just coincidence? With...

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Another possible new site for Big Toy

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes The number of possible sites for The Big Toy at Keizer Rapids Park has grown again. The latest was presented by Keizer City Councilor Jim Taylor to a small group last Wednesday, April 9. It was mentioned last week at the council meeting there were six possible sites for the community build play structure, which will be built Sept. 17 to 21. The Site 1 location north of the boat ramp and southeast of the amphitheater – also referred to as Area B, or the tree site – has been the top choice most of the time, but in January Mayor Lore Christopher championed the idea of a site in the orchards along Chemawa Road, at the front of the park along Walsh Way. The site Taylor proposed last week would still be in the orchards, but more into the park. Taylor showed the new site to Christopher, Clint Holland, Brandon Smith, Richard Walsh and David Louden. “We were just looking around, trying to find something everyone likes,” Taylor said. “I don’t think we ever will. This is right across from the Charge house. Parking is across from the dog park. There will be a new parking lot, but not a new road. It’s in a corner. It’s not going to mess up the rest of the orchard. It would be right in...

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