To the Editor:

I  have known Barbara Jensen for more than 10 years. Barbara’s personal experience in both private and public business settings and her strong ability to listen and communicate effectively, combine to make her an ideal candidate.

Barbara has strong traditional values including support of traditional marriage and a pro-life stance on abortion, has been active in her community, has worked hard to establish the values of the greatest generation in today’s youth through the Keep The Spirit of ‘45 Alive campaign which provided a day of reflection and renewal that honors the legacy of the men and women of the WWII generation across the nation.

As a mother and grandmother she understands that we must do better to provide our school districts with the resources they need to offer our children a world-class education. I am excited that she is running for public office because her work ethic and steadfast leadership will be a tremendous asset to the people of House District 25.

Mark Bain