Day: April 11, 2014

Nix tow trucks in neighborhoods

The Keizer City Council should reject the call to allow tow trucks to be parked overnight in residential neighborhoods. A proposal to allow tow trucks to be parked in front of the homes of drivers in the nighttime hours was presented to the council earlier this year by Jeff Asher, a co-owner of BC Towing. He explained that drivers need to have quick access to their rigs to respond to emergencies and tow calls. Few, if any,  tow company yards are accessible 24 hours, facilitating the need to park the trucks elsewhere. That elsewhere should not be Keizer’s quiet neighborhood streets. Today’s tow trucks are big and noisy. If a big rig, especially a diesel, needs to make a run in the middle of the night, the process of starting it, revving it and rumbling on its way is more than annoying to an early-to-bed town like Keizer. Add the incessant beeping when in reverse, it is maddening to be woken from a sound sleep by such a behemoth. Allowing tow trucks on residential streets, when other large rigs are not, makes them a protected class. That’s not what the city should be doing; what’s good for one is good for all. If this ordinance is passed it will open the door for all types of vehicles to ask for the same consideration. Anyone can state why they should...

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Lemonade Day

It is now less than a month to Lemonade Day in Keizer and Salem. So far more than 700 area kids have signed up to become entrepeuners on May 4 with their own lemonade stands. Lemonade Day started in Houston in 2007 and has grown to more than 100 cities across the country. The project develops business skills in our young ones, mostly middle schoolers. Once they register ( the little businesspeople will receive an instructional packet and a backpack. Participants will run their lemonade stand on Sunday, May 4. They are to find investors in their stand, develop a lemonade recipe and create the stand itself. There is no right way and no wrong way; the kids, either individually or with friends (and guidance from the event organizers and parents) will build their own little business. In the end the kids will have learned about goal setting, planning and operations. The reward? One third of the proceeds will pay expenses of the stand, one third should be put into savings and one third is mad money. May 4 will be a delicious day in Keizer. Lemonade Day is a good project that will have a positive effect on our kids.  ...

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Support Jensen for District 25

To the Editor: I  have known Barbara Jensen for more than 10 years. Barbara’s personal experience in both private and public business settings and her strong ability to listen and communicate effectively, combine to make her an ideal candidate. Barbara has strong traditional values including support of traditional marriage and a pro-life stance on abortion, has been active in her community, has worked hard to establish the values of the greatest generation in today’s youth through the Keep The Spirit of ‘45 Alive campaign which provided a day of reflection and renewal that honors the legacy of the men and women of the WWII generation across the nation. As a mother and grandmother she understands that we must do better to provide our school districts with the resources they need to offer our children a world-class education. I am excited that she is running for public office because her work ethic and steadfast leadership will be a tremendous asset to the people of House District 25. Mark Bain...

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