Day: April 8, 2014

MHS grad’s short film will take you to an ‘alien planet’ a day trip away

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes McNary High School graduate Zeek Earl debuted his latest short film, Prospect, at the South by Southwest in early March. The full film, the tale of a daughter and father searching for rare material on a toxic planet with hope of striking it rich, is now available for viewing at To watch, visit Earl launched a successful Kickstarter campaign that gave him the budget and additional volunteers to bring the whole thing to fruition. We sent Earl a few questions asking what went into the production of Prospect, and how he feels about the final product. Keizertimes: How did you find your actors? Zeek Earl: Tony Doupe (who plays the father) is a well known Seattle actor; we offered him the part directly. Callie (Harlow), the daughter, I found by going to a play put on by a youth theater company and we asked her to audition. KT: When we spoke about the Kickstarter campaign you mentioned that you were growing some of the film’s stars in you garage. What species were the bugs you used for filming and how did you select them? ZE: Milkweed bugs. They are one of the few insects it’s legal to ship across state lines. We ordered them from an education science supply. I liked the color and we needed something that was dependable in...

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GGNA prioritizes list of park improvements

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes The way Roland Herrera sees it, perhaps the meeting could spur other such meetings. On March 20 the newest member of both the Greater Gubser Neighborhood Association (GGNA) and the Keizer Parks and Recreation Advisory Board led a discussion on parks in the Gubser area during the monthly GGNA meeting. In light of the Parks Board’s recent decision to turn its annual allocated money – which has been around $20,000 a year in recent years – into a matching grant program, the GGNA meeting was turned into a workshop in which residents talked about what improvements should be made at parks within the GGNA boundaries. “We had maps of all the parks,” Herrera said. “About 80 percent of the ideas were park improvements. We came up with a list for each park. We gave everybody one minute to explain their view.” While Herrera led the discussion, Parks Board chair Brandon Smith talked about the matching grant program. As part of the program, Parks Board members will match funds or equipment citizens are willing to put towards a project. Public Works Director Bill Lawyer also helped explain the program, while Parks Board member Richard Walsh was in attendance as well. The three main parks talked about at the meeting were Bob Newton, Country Glen and Hidden Creek Parks, with a mention also of Northridge...

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