Day: April 2, 2014

Parking at Big Toy questioned

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes An early concern about The Big Toy at Keizer Rapids Park project resurfaced recently. At the March 11 Keizer Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meeting, the issue of parking was brought up – especially if the Site 1 location between the amphitheater and the boat ramp is chosen. Originally there was a concern about whether there would be enough room for adequate parking, but the concern hadn’t been mentioned in months. Nate Brown, director of Community Development for the city, brought up the topic at the Parks Board meeting. “I have concerns the current plan does not provide enough parking,” said Brown, who has been working on Urban Growth Boundary issues regarding a proposed second site along Chemawa Road. “The boat ramp parking is locked down; it’s not available to support other uses. The 21 stalls will not be enough parking for this development. I would ask you to consider this in your deliberations.” Parks Board member Clint Holland noted boat ramp parking is often used for other uses. “A lot of it is people who park there to go for a walk,” Holland said. “It’s used all the time. Probably 40 percent of the time it’s used for other stuff.” Brown acknowledged that usage, especially in the winter. “I’m just telling you it’s not viable to make a plan violating an agreement...

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The Bard goes steampunk

By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes Of all the things that could possibly create challenges for the McNary High School students working behind the scenes to put on a steampunk-themed production of The Tempest, the biggest was one they weren’t expecting: brown pants. “We’ve only got two pairs of brown pants for guys, and even those need tailoring,” said Danielle Maass, the drama department’s go-to seamstress and part of the technical team on Celtic stage productions. However, the behind-the-scenes team has come up with more than their own share of coups for blending the Bard and Victorian Age science fiction. The Tempest is Shakespeare’s tale of a dishonored duke, Prospero, who seeks to restore his daughter to her rightful place in society. Steampunk, for the uninitiated, is a sub-genre of science fiction featuring steam-powered machinery for uses far beyond the scope of what it was capable. In present day imaginations, steampunk usually relies heavily on rivets, goggles, gears of all shape and size and lots and lots of brown. “We have lots of metallic colors and browns and blacks,” said make-up artist Maddie Valish. “It’s like a grungy Victorian style. There’s a lot of soot.” One of the tech team’s coups came as they were stripping down an old bike wheel. They planned to take it completely apart and kitbash the pieces into other props. When director Dallas Myers...

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