Of the Keizertimes

Is Keizer looking to become the tour town?

For years, Keizer City Councilors have gone on an annual Parks Tour.

Recently the idea was brought forward to have members of the new Keizer Economic Development Commission go on an annual bus tour of Keizer, looking at vacant buildings.

Now another committee has proposed a tour, with sites such as the Claggett Cemetery.

The idea was brought up at the most recent Keizer Points of Interest Committee (KPIC) meeting.

The four members present – the three other seats are vacant and still need to be filled, though one new member will be added at the next meeting – discussed the idea, which deputy city recorder Debbie Lockhart noted had been an idea from councilor Cathy Clark.

“Councilor Clark had said she wanted to have KPIC take council on a tour, like the Parks Tour,” Lockhart said. “You would need to decide where they go. Each of you could choose a place and talk about it.”

KPIC chair Sherrie Gottfried suggested limiting the number of stops on the tour, with council liaison Jim Taylor further suggesting a limit of five stops.

Lockhart suggested the tour be done in the summer and read off the Points of Interest sites from the brochure on the city’s website.

Gottfried suggested eliminating the Art Walk, as well as the Thomas Dove Keizur statue and the Heritage Community Center since both are right at city hall and thus wouldn’t be much of a tour.

Gottfried liked the Marie Dorian exhibit at Keizer Station. Debbie Miller liked the geocache and Taylor liked the donation land claim at the southeast corner of the intersection at Chemawa and River Roads.

After further discussion, each member took a place to show. Gottfried took Claggett Cemetery, Miller took geocaching, Bee Anderson took the donation land claim, Jill Bonney-Hill took the Marie Dorian exhibit and Taylor took some of the historic trees on Rainbow Court.

Taylor suggested the tour take place at 5:15 p.m. on Monday, June 9.

In other recent business:

• Gottfried noted the last week of the month is problematic for her to meet due to other meetings.

Lockhart noted KPIC meetings used to be the third Tuesdays of the month but were moved back at one point to accommodate a then-member. All present members agreed with the idea of moving the meetings back up a week.

KPIC meetings are now at 5:30 p.m. on the third Tuesdays at Keizer Civic Center.

• Bonney-Hill is the new chair, with Anderson the vice chair.