To the Editor:

Barbara Jensen has the skills and experience to serve our community. I had the pleasure of working with Barbara at the Oregon Department of Energy and was pleased to hear that she is now running for state representative.

As a small business owner and successful project manager, Barbara has the proven leadership skills to find solution and be accountable for the work she does. I have worked in the electric utility industry for many years and as a native to this area Barbara understands how important our affordable energy is for our economy.

Further, as a hazelnut grower, I know that Barbara understands the needs of the agricultural community.

Barbara shares our community’s traditional values. She has worked tirelessly on the “Keep the Spirit of ’45 Alive” campaign to honor the legacy of the men and women who fought in WWII and to teach our youth about the values of the greatest generation.

Barbara has already proven herself as an asset to our community, and I look forward to her representation in the Legislature.

Don Godard