Day: March 14, 2014

Extra activities mean better GPAs

There is nothing but good news that came out of a recent Oregon School Acitivities Association report that showed that every McNary High School winter sports team carried an average grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher. The varsity boys basketball team ranked first statewide in the 6A classification with an average 3.63 grade point average. The girls varsity basketball team scored an average 3.69 GPA which placed them in sixth statewide. Rightfully so, McNary principal John Honey is proud of the achievement, saying that it was only the second time in his 30-year education career he had seen such numbers. Other winter sports that scored high were the boys and girls swimming teams which both averaged a 3.41 GPA. The wrestling team had a 3.0 average. A 3.0 grade point average is equivilent to a middle B; 3.69 GPA equals an A. These are not insignificant scores. They show that the Celtic Way of teaching and coaching has the desired effect. Extracurricular activities not only round out a student’s high school resume they also lead to better learning in the classroom. As we know it is not only sports teams that achieve higher than average GPAs, the fine arts is also home to hundreds of scholastic stars. As McNary High School Choir Director Jim Taylor never tires of boasting, a vast majority of his singers carry high...

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Support of Herrera for city council

To the Editor: Roland Herrera has announced he is running for the Keizer City Council this coming November. He has been a friend of mine for a long time and will represent the people that have been forgotten. Roland has a wonderful work ethic and a passion for Keizer. He currently serves on three boards—Mano a Mano, Keizer Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and the Great Gubser Neighborhood Association. Join me in helping Roland Herrera through the coming election process. Frank Pauley...

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