Day: March 8, 2014

KPD busts burglary ring

On Friday, Feb. 28 at about 5 a.m., members of the Keizer Police Department, assisted by members of the Salem Police Department SWAT Team, served a search warrant at 3665 Brooks Avenue NE as part of an ongoing serial burglary investigation and made four arrests. In turn, that led to additional arrests and the recovery of stolen items including two dogs. This search warrant was executed precisely two years, to the day, after KPD served another search warrant at the same location for the same activity involving many of the same suspects. Beginning in November 2013, Keizer residents began to report what would later be recognized by KPD’s crime analyst and detectives as a 16-case residential burglary spree that appeared to be committed by the same suspect or group of suspects. These burglaries occurred throughout the city. Entry was usually gained through a back door or window, which was often unlocked. The residences were usually ransacked and items stolen included jewelry, cash, personal electronics, laptop computers, tablets, DVD players, handguns, shoes, clothing and big screen TVs. The case ultimately broke open when one of the involved persons activated a Kindle Fire that was stolen during one of the burglaries. That led investigators to the group that had been arrested in connection with a February 28, 2012 search warrant. For this current search warrant, Salem SWAT made initial contact at the...

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Celt filmmaker debuting new sci-fi short at SXSW

  By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes It’s going to be a big week for McNary High School alum Zeek Earl. On Sunday, March 9, his latest film, Prospect, will make it’s debut at South by Southwest (SXSW), an Austin, Texas-based music, film and interactive festival spotlighting indie talent. But, he might have chosen another profession entirely if it wasn’t for the enthusiasm and insight gleaned from Celtic film studies teacher Jason Heimerdinger. “I took film appreciation from Mr. Heimerdinger my freshman year. I thought it was going to be a super-easy, filler class,” Earl said. “On the contrary, Mr. Heimerdinger taught us actual film theory and I loved it. I was inspired to take the actual productions classes and went from there.” Earl, a Seattle-based filmmaker, debuted his first feature at McNary as a fund raiser for a friend’s cancer treatments, and he’s parlayed lessons from Heimerdinger into a full-blown filmmaking career.   Earl spent more time in the film room of McNary than any other in the school. When he ran the gamut of classes Heimerdinger offered, Earl took on film-specific independent studies to round out his experience. “I took some creative writing as well and doing student leadership helped a lot with learning how to plan productions,” Earl said. “I was definitely encouraged and given avenues outside of class to show and promote my films...

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