To the Editor:

This past week I attended the city council meeting to find out more about a resolution to have a settlement agreement about the Rawlins’ property at Keizer Station.  I also wanted to publicly thank City Manager Chris Eppley and City Attorney Shannon Johnson for going before a state legislative committee that was considering a bill that would create a great injustice to Keizer residents.

The purpose of Eppley and Johnson’s appearance was to show how  unjust the bill proposed by state Rep. Brian Clem from Salem was. It has become apparent that Brian Clem has something against Keizer by proposing his bill.  He did not receive a great welcome greeting when he appeared before the city council about a year ago and he is sticking his finger in our city’s eye to get revenge.

During this week’s council meeting Johnson explained, in some detail, how the city will benefit from the resolution. We may now have a solution to a costly problem  that would have cost every property owner higher taxes.

Bill Quinn