Day: March 4, 2014

The Big Toy, big meeting

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes When you have a big project, how do you keep everyone on the same page? Having group leaders in the same meeting, talking with each other is a good way. That’s what happened Monday to cap off a busy night at Keizer Civic Center. Leaders for The Big Toy at Keizer Rapids Park project came together in the fourth meeting of the night at city hall. Mark Caillier, general coordinator for The Big Toy, led the meeting. “Some of you have volunteered to be chairs of teams,” Caillier told the 16 audience members. “The whole purpose is for you to see the faces of the teams. This is a time for team chairs to connect. You’re finding you may need the help of someone from another team.” Caillier showed the tentative group logo designed by deputy city recorder Debbie Lockhart. He also noted he hasn’t been able to recruit a co-general coordinator, so he instead put together a team with Clint Holland, Danielle Bethell, Dan Deitz and Jerry McGee. “This project is going to be divided into two phases,” Caillier said. “The first is site prep, led by Clint and his group. Right now there are two possible sites. We need to get on site by July 1 or August 1. If we can’t do the one site (by the orchard), we will...

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Cougars get taste of Sochi

The students of Kennedy Elementary School have spent the past three weeks getting hand-on opportunities to play in their own Winter Olympics. The physical education unit, developed by teacher Natalie Clark, has been such a hit that students are buzzing about medals and the games they play long after they leave class. “I didn’t think it was going to get as big as it has. It was supposed to be one week and we’re on week three,” Clark said. Not only are students getting their own versions of events like curling, hockey, speed skating, bobsled, skeleton and slalom skiing, they are building their vocabulary and honing math and geography skills. Clark started by having teams in each classroom decide which country they wanted to represent and draw up their flags. “Then I found the national anthems for each country and each team carried the torch around the gym twice while their anthem played,” Clark said. The teams were embroiled in rounds of curling Tuesday, Feb. 25, but there were also student referees helping the teams calculate how many points they earned. Curling was accomplished by sliding beanbags and “sweepers” paving the way with rubber bats. In speed skating, students put scarves down under their shoes and slid around a makeshift rink. But it was bobsled that seemed to garner the most enthusiasm, Clark said. “We hooked three scooters together...

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