Of the Keizertimes

Don’t be surprised to see speed bumps on Walsh Way at Keizer Rapids Park later this year.

The issue was brought up at a Keizer City Council meeting earlier this month by Carol Doerfler, who noted the current lack of speed bumps has resulted in near-accidents.

“I walk down there frequently,” she told councilors. “I have seen three near-misses with my own eyes. One was with a gentleman on a bike with a kid in back, with another child following. Just as I thought to myself, ‘I hope they’re careful,’ I saw a girl in a car going about 40 mph. She had to slam the brakes to avoid hitting that child.

“There should be serious consideration given to putting in speed bumps on that road,” Doerfler added. “Why aren’t there speed bumps there?”

Mayor Lore Christopher agreed with the need, while also pointing to issues boat trailers would have with speed bumps.

“You bring up a good point,” the mayor told Doerfler. “It would cause (drivers) to slow down and look for people.”

Doerfler opined multiple ones are needed.

“There needs to be three of them,” she said. “We have done a lot of boats and trailers. But kids trump boats.”

Walsh Way goes right by one of the proposed sites for The Big Toy playground project before ending at the boat ramp, which heightened Doerfler’s concern.

“We’ve talked about a train crossing gate style to stop signs or speed bumps,” city manager Chris Eppley said. “We’ve talked about a number of things. It’s something we need to get working on.”

Bill Lawyer, Public Works director for Keizer, said recently there is a large hump currently where the pathway crosses at the dike at Walsh Way, but otherwise there is nothing to slow traffic.

“It just wasn’t part of the original design for the road,” he said. “From a boating standpoint, speed bumps are not that friendly to boat trailers. Speed bumps were not part of discussions I was part of.”

Lawyer is working on cost estimates for speed bumps and expects to bring information to council soon.

“I haven’t got the costs back yet,” he said. “I don’t think they will be real, real expensive. I would say we would do between two and four at this point. I would expect we could do it as soon as the weather allows. Cost won’t be a huge problem, budget wise. When we get the cost identified, we will get moving on it right away.”