Day: February 24, 2014

“Things I’ve Learned from Dying: A Book about Life” by David R. Dow

  “Things I’ve Learned from Dying: A Book about Life” by David R. Dow  c.2014, Twelve $25.00 / $28.00 Canada 273 pages BOOK REVIEW by TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER Just one more bedtime story. You wanted that as a child because you’ve always been someone who hates endings (one more for the road). Everyone knows you never get out the door on time (let me just look again). Coat on, hat on, and you start another story (did I tell you…?). “Goodbye” sounds so final and it’s not a bad thing that you can’t take your leave. But, as in the new book “Things I’ve Learned from Dying” by David R. Dow, sometimes, it’s time to go. The crime was horrifying for its brutality: four teenagers broke into the home of an eighty-four-year-old woman, slinked upstairs to where she was watching TV in bed, took her car keys, and killed her. Later, Texas law allowed Eddie Waterman, who did not shoot the fatal bullet, to be sentenced to die for the crime. In Huntsville, where “inmates spend twenty-three hours a day in a sixty-square-foot cell with… a slit of translucent plastic for a window” David Dow met Waterman, his new client. Dow, a lawyer for Death Row inmates, had been down this road before. At their first meeting, he “did the math” and figured Waterman would “be dead in twenty-eight months.”...

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Boys take 2 of 3 in final CVC play

  By ERIC A. HOWALD Of the Keizertimes When Celtics meet the Royal Scots in boys basketball Friday, Feb. 21, the McNary High School team might just put a lid over their basket in the last 30 seconds of every quarter. When McNary met McKay High School earlier this season, the Scots escaped with a win on a buzzer-beating three-pointer. When the two teams clashed Monday, Feb. 17, McKay players repeated the feat twice, once in the second frame and again in the third. It was the latter that likely stung the most as it was a former teammate, Isaiah Montano, who put it up. McKay won 56-44. “I think the buzzer-beaters killed our energy,” said Ryan Kirch, McNary head coach. Monday night’s game had a lot riding on it for both teams, McKay was fighting for an undisputed claim to second place in the Central Valley Conference, and it would likely have been a substanial boost to the Celtics’ power ranking. The Celtic started out the night with an early 9-2 lead, but an unanswered 11-point run by McKay gave the team a lead it never relinquished. The Celtics hung close to the Scots for much of the first half, but the team’s first buzzer-beater put them up 31-26 going into halftime. McKay had a nine-point cushion when Montano hit the trey in the last second of the...

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Rawlins property process moving forward on two separate counts

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes One Keizer property is being actively discussed in the courts and the state legislature. As reported the last couple of weeks in the Keizertimes, the city has an ongoing struggle regarding the Rawlins property in Keizer Station, with the Local Improvement District (LID) fee on the property being the focal point. State legislators are working with a LID-related bill that deals specifically with the Rawlins property, while in Marion County Circuit Court a summary judgement on the issue is now expected to come out March 10 – a few days later than originally scheduled. City leaders and Linda Rawlins, in addition to Dave Hunnicutt from Oregonians for Action, met with legislators from the House Committee on Rural Communities twice last week. A seventh amendment to House Bill 4017 was moved to the House Rules Committee, but with no recommendation. “The (dash 7) amendment to 4017 would allow the judge to make the determination as to whether or not the assessment to the Rawlinses represented the actual value of the benefits the Rawlinses received,” Hunnicutt told legislators Feb. 13. “If the court decided the amount of assessment is too high, then the court would lower the assessment to what the court believes and then enter a judgement. Keizer could then foreclose on the property.” After an LID assessment of $6.7 million was put on...

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