Day: February 20, 2014

School board leases new land

By HERB SWETT For the Keizertimes A proposed 10-year lease of an acre of the Central Kitchen Site, at $1,791.67 per month for the first two years, was approved at Tuesday’s Salem-Keizer School Board meeting. City of Salem approval of a zone change will be necessary for the lease to take effect. A zone change would not affect the district’s current use of the property. State Investments LLC would maintain and operate the parking lot, with options for two additional five-year extensions if the district and State Investments LLC agree to the extensions. The board also approved attendance area boundary changes in West Salem. The changes are intended to improve balance in school capacities and educational programs of the elementary and middle schools. Paul Kyllo was the one director who voted against changing the boundaries; he said it would make dual language programs less available. First reading was held on a request from the city of Salem for approval of the Multiple-Unit Housing Tax Incentive Program, which would involve property tax exemptions for up to 10 years to stimulate housing construction in core areas. Construction would be on the former Boise Cascade site. The Spotlight on Success portion of the meeting involved McNary High School twice. Uptown Music was honored as Business Partner of the Month for helping the fine arts program at McNary, largely by securing 12 electronic...

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MHS seniors soar past reading goals

  By EVAN RUMMERFIELD For the Keizertimes McNary High School’s seniors recently made history. The class of 2014 will be the school’s first in which every student passed the OAKS State Reading Test, a test required to graduate. If a senior is not able to graduate this year, it is not because of the state reading test. The difference came down to a single teacher: Dan Borresen. “Mr. Borresen was a good fit for the job. He is an effective teacher and he is empathetic to students. When he has a goal he reaches it,” said Justin Lieuallen, an assistant principal and Borresen’s direct supervisor. Borresen led two courses with students still in need of passing grades on the test, and it was his first year taking on the task. The classes were expected to last a year, but everyone passed in half the time. A total of 34 students were enrolled in the Reading Workshop class. Once the test came, 30 passed. The other four did not take the test, two no longer attend McNary and the other two never attended class. The testing coordinator at McNary, Aubrie VanBuskirk, said, “Mr. Borresen is an incredible teacher. He knew how to motivate the students, and he was the right teacher for the right group of students. Together they made McNary history.” “It was nothing special that I did,” said...

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