To the Editor:

When I consider the societal changes that are taking place in our country, I like to think of what our elders have seen over the years.

Yes, I know that things will never be the same, we can never go back to what we once were. But there is a special connection to the past that we have in our community, in our very families; which, although not being perfect, once knew a simpler way of living and a quality of faith which is more costly than gold.

Since we have cast aside this great hope, we have tried in vain to build up  an ever diminishing view of ourselves. Sanctity of human life in such a world holds no more promise for the living then for the dead and unborn. Both are discarded in the beginning as well as in the end. Meanwhile the air we breath comes at a cost, we no longer consider ourselves as a vital resource, but as a liability and hindrance to nature itself.

But I believe that to all that may be reading this, true north knows no better thing then the forgiveness which comes at a greater cost then life itself. To this we know that there will always be hope when we can no longer believe in ourselves. I have great hope for this generation. I believe that the relations we seek among ourselves are an outcry for the mere simplicitude of acceptance, and a love conquers all reward of sacrifice as the basis for higher grounds.

I urge our community here in Keizer, to honor our elders in such a way that we are fully aware that the love and respect that we ourselves seek, will be the self respect that we give to others in return for our own. In so doing, the scales of our eyes will be lifted to find that the love of God knows no bounds and therefore no limits.

I urge you share the dream, share the possibilities.

Matt Chappell