Of the Keizertimes

While attending a public function a few months ago, Liberty House CEO Alison Kelley was talking about the role of her organization in treating children suffering neglect and abuse when an attendee raised his hand.

“He shared the story of his daughter,” Kelley said. “She had been sexually abused by another person and she was one of the first children to come through Liberty House.”

The man sung the praises of the organization and its mission, and how its involvement helped his daughter and his family heal from every parent’s worst nightmare.

Such stories are imbedded in the nature of Liberty House work, and everywhere its representatives go they are frequently approached by someone with a “me too” story.

“There are many, many adults in our community who also suffered trauma when they were children where there was not a center like Liberty House they could come to,” she said.

While Liberty House specialists focus on the children impacted by neglect and abuse, Kelley has met her fair share of adults haunted by their own specters of the same.

For those adults, she has a message:

“It’s never too late, and Liberty House is here for you, too. We can’t provide the treatment they need to heal, but we can connect them with the right support to begin that process,” Kelley said. “We make it safe for people to put words around the things that happen in this difficult area of life.”

To find out what services are available, call Liberty House at 503-540-0288.