Of the Keizertimes

There’s no question money needs to be raised.

The question is, how much money?

The fundraising committee of the Keizer Rapids Park Playground Project (KRPPP) held its first meeting Dec. 18, chaired by Marion County Commission Janet Carlson.

Co-chair Richard Walsh was also present, as well as fellow committee members Clint Holland, Jeanne Bond-Esser and Jim Taylor. Mayor Lore Christopher was absent, while Mark Caillier, recently named co-general coordinator of the overall project, was in attendance.

Carlson went over roles of the committee, in particular the main one.

“Fundraising is responsible for raising the money, so we need to talk about a goal,” Carlson said.

Walsh, co-chair of the play structure task force, noted the money amount is still preliminary.

“The number is moving,” Walsh said. “It had been $250,000, but at the last council meeting they threw out $500,000. We’re looking at $250,000 in cash, which includes $100,000 (from the city) from the start. It would cost $500,000 if we hired people to do it. The $250,000 includes the consultant, so this committee is looking for an additional $150,000.”

Walsh noted an issue in securing the final amount needed: the lack of final cost numbers.

“We need a component list that tells us what each thing costs,” he said. “What does each of these sections cost? Once we figure it out, if someone wants to buy (a part), we can tell them it costs X. If we can get that list, someone can say, ‘My firm or group can do this.’ We need to do that before going to all of these people, or everyone will get mad at us.”

Another issue to work out is naming rights. Caillier, a former city councilor, noted city policy calls for naming rights to be allowed if at least 50 percent of an item’s cost is covered.

“The biggest problem we’re going to have is a lot of people want to help, but we can’t name this for multiple people,” Walsh said. “If we sell (naming rights) of everything at 50 percent of the items, we won’t have enough money raised.”

Once the amount needed and naming right policies are figured out, Carlson said how much to ask businesses for is the next step.

“We need to put our materials together before we go out,” she said. “We need to brainstorm ideas for all of our contacts and make sure we’re not having three people calling one person and no one calling someone else.”