To the Editor:

In spite of the fiery rhetoric from talk radio and cable TV commentary, reasonable people can find grounds for civil discourse. For instance, it is quite possible to be pro-gun and anti- gun lobby, or even anti-abortion but pro-Planned Parenthood.

In one area however, there is no middle ground, you either understand that climate change is a human- caused calamity or you think because it’s been cold lately, global warming is a lefty conspiracy to sell funny light bulbs and bus passes. The latter view is roughly akin to saying “I feel better today than yesterday, I must be getting younger.”

Which brings me to my point. What are the views on climate change of the two recently announced Republican candidates for Senate district 13 and House District 25 office? Do Kim Thatcher and Bill Post respect the proven obvious, that the planet is warming, sea levels rising, glaciers melting, and that’s a very, very bad thing?

Or do they prefer to pander to the head in the tar sands — tea party base? Just asking. Happy New Year.

Martin Doerfler