Of the Keizertimes

One of the top stories in Keizer in 2013 was Ken LeDuc joining the Keizer City Council, then abruptly resigning four months later.

A poll on showed LeDuc to be the top story of the year, as of Monday morning.

LeDuc, who works in the IT/data security field, hasn’t exactly dwelt on those four months.

“I’ve been so busy with my personal time, I really haven’t thought about that,” LeDuc told the Keizertimes Dec. 20. “I’ve been so involved with family and work, I haven’t had time to think about that.”

While vice president of the West Keizer Neighborhood Association, LeDuc won the council seat formerly held by Brandon Smith in November 2012. Surrounded by his family, LeDuc took the oath in January and joined the council.

On May 10, LeDuc sent a short note to the city that he had resigned, effective immediately.

“There was an issue at the time I had to address, and I did,” LeDuc said last week. “Because of family and work taking a priority, I made a decision. If I was still on council and that personal issue would have arisen today, I would have certainly made the same decision.”

By and large, LeDuc hasn’t been keeping up with what’s going on at city hall.

“Not as much as I’d like, because of the involvement with my family and with work,” he said. “Occasionally I hear things or will discuss with a neighbor information they have heard. But I haven’t had my hand on the pulse. I’ve been so involved with the two most important elements of my life, I haven’t reflected back on that.”

LeDuc said being elected was “everything I thought it would be” and he learned a lot. Could he see himself doing so again down the road?

“Anything is possible,” he said. “At the current time, probably not. But in the future, possibly. It would probably be a matter of commitment and time availability.”

One of LeDuc’s warmest memories of his council tenure was one of the last things he did. Four days before resigning, LeDuc gave up his seat as a dignitary in the Iris Festival Parade to Shawna Fenison, the mother of the late Pfc. Ryan J. Hill, the only Keizer soldier killed in war. The park at Keizer Station was dedicated to Hill in November.

“That was the last thing I got to do on council,” LeDuc said. “I’m really glad I had the opportunity to do that and invited her to be in my car.”