Of the Keizertimes

Could two more Keizer committees be joining forces?

The topic was brought up during the Nov. 25 K-FEST (Keizer Festivals and Events Team) and the Nov. 26 KPIC (Keizer Points of Interest Committee) meetings of combining the two committees.

Such a merger wouldn’t break new ground. Most recently, the Bikeways Committee merged with Traffic Safety Commission in the summer of 2012.

As was the case that time, small group sizes and lack of meetings are contributing factors. In the case of KPIC, there are a couple of vacancies, meaning there is only a quorum if all remaining committee members show up.

There is a difference between this proposed merger and the one from 2012: the thought was the Bikeways and Traffic Safety Commission had overlapping missions, making a merger natural.

Debbie Lockhart, the deputy city recorder who takes minutes at both the K-FEST and KPIC meetings, noted the missions of the two groups don’t overlap.

According to descriptions of both on the city website, K-FEST is tasked with researching the feasibility of developing venues for events and festivals and to streamline policies to allow for “one-stop shopping” for future event promoters, as well as developing a marketing plan to enhance the use of Keizer-area facilities for events and festivals.

KPIC, meanwhile, is designed to steer and coordinate efforts to identify and memorialize sites of interest in or near Keizer. One of KPIC’s key projects this year has been doing oral history interviews.

“Their tasks are totally different,” Lockhart said of the committees.

City councilor Cathy Clark thinks the idea should be looked into.

“Maybe we need to refresh the mission of KPIC,” Clark said. “We can brainstorm how the two can work together.”

Stephan Wurzburg, chair of K-FEST, suggested the committee could become a task force within the other, thus ensuring a quorum for meetings.

K-FEST member Carol Doerfler noted she didn’t quite understand at first what the mission of the group was, but understood once she got a project to work on.

“I have my little assignment,” Doerfler said. “Now we’re going to throw in this other group that’s not quite where we are?”

Sherrie Gottfried, who is on both committees and chairs KPIC, noted much of what happens in KPIC meetings takes place between meetings.

“There are more homework-type assignments in KPIC,” Gottfried said. “They could promote each other.”

Clark opined talk of combining the committees would be “a good conversation to have.”

KPIC member Debbie Miller noted the number of unfinished projects her committee has.

“We have quite a list,” Miller said. “Would we pare down our list of activities? I think, having a focus on history, we could do it.”

Gottfried suggested keeping four projects going and tabling others.

“We will meet in January, scaled down to four projects,” Gottfried said. “We will see if we can do it.”