Of the Keizertimes

Richard Walsh spoke of recent Keizer Parks Board activity during Monday’s Keizer City Council meeting, which morphed into a discussion of the Keizer Rapids Park Playground Project.

But councilor Dennis Koho wanted to go back to Walsh’s first topic.

Walsh, a former city councilor and current chair of the Keizer Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, gave an update from the Nov. 12 meeting and started with mention of funding for the parks department. A story on that portion of the meeting was on the front page of last week’s Keizertimes. Further meetings will be taking place with Susan Gahlsdorf, Keizer’s finance director and Bill Lawyer, Public Works director.

“You may have heard we’ve been talking about getting more funding for the parks department,” Walsh said. “We’ve been working with Susan and Bill, trying to figure out a vision of how to bring to voters a November 2014 option for additional funding. We’re trying to investigate what we need. We want to get feedback from the citizens of Keizer about what they think we need.”

While the discussion turned to the success of the Nov. 14 community celebration for the KRPPP, Koho latched onto the parks funding issue.

“Not to throw cold water on it, but I was disturbed to read it in paper that we were going to raise taxes on a utility bill to pay for taxes,” Koho said. “If we’re going to raise taxes, we ought to go to the public for whatever the taxes are. We won’t have the full support for something added onto the utility bill. We need to identify the need first.”

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