To the Editor:

Once again the city is considering raising additional funds for parks by adding a fee to citizens utility bills. This is the totally wrong way to increase funding for city services.

If additional funding is needed, and we believe it is, the request for funding should be submitted to the voters as a temporay operating levy or an addition to the permanent tax base.

Funding added to utility bills is not part of the city’s tax base and therefore is not deductible on a citizen’s income tax. For what it’s worth, we and many of our neighbors will support an increase in funding for parks, as we would for 911 call expenses if done in a ethical manner and part of the city’s tax rate.

Likewise, we will actively oppose any fees added to citizens’ utility fees for this and any other services.

City leaders, please, if additional funds are needed include them in the city’s tax rate.

We are a member of the Keizer Fire District’s Citizens Committee and their approach to submit and operating levy is the proper way to increae funding.

Bob and Rosemary Emmerich