Of the Keizertimes

How about meeting up at Keizer’s new town center?

No, don’t worry about looking on the city map to find it. No need to go through permit reports in past issues of the Keizertimes, either.

Why? Because a town center – not to be confused with the Keizer Civic Center – has yet to be built.

The issue was brought up at last week’s Keizer City Council meeting during discussion of proposed updates to the city’s comprehensive plan.

Keizer resident Carol Doerfler read through the plan and found two references that caught her by surprise.

“I don’t know if I’m premature or late with this question,” Doerfler said. “There are two references to open space at the center of the city for mixed use development for a new town center. They are in black, so they’re not a change. I’m kind of curious about any dialogue that refers to a new town center.”

Nate Brown, director of Community Development for Keizer, confirmed a town center has been in the comprehensive plan for years.

“It was a vision statement in the previous plan,” Brown said. “We thought it might still have some utility.”

Chris Eppley, who became city manager in 1999, noted the plan preceded him by a decade.

“It would be roughly at River and Chemawa (Roads), maybe expand out west a couple of blocks,” Eppley said. “It became very cumbersome, but that’s where the intent was.”

Mayor Lore Christopher also noted the idea had been brought up years ago.

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