Of the Keizertimes

Members of the Keizer Parks and Recreation Advisory Board would like to follow a blueprint.

For much of the year, Parks Board members have discussed supplementing the approximately $300,000 for parks in the city budget with an additional fee.

More discussion took place Tuesday night, as the idea of putting an additional $2 fee on the water bill to pay for park improvements and maintenance was tossed around some more. Such a fee would likely be put before voters next November, with key specifics – such as what the actual cost would be and what the improvements would actually be – yet to be ironed out.

It was decided upcoming city water bills will refer residents to a yet-to-be-developed online survey, asking what park improvements citizens would like to see. There will also be a reference to a public hearing on the topic Feb. 11.

A new – or recycled – idea was also brought forward: copying the plan that led to the Keizer Fire District’s levy being approved by voters last week.

Keizer City Councilor Marlene Quinn, the council liaison to the Parks Board, brought up the idea. Quinn was one of two councilors serving on the fire board’s committee that ultimately recommended the $.59 per $1,000 of assessed value levy, following extensive presentations.

“The Keizer Fire District had a visioning process, told them why they needed the support, then the community leaders went out and got the support,” Quinn said.

Richard Walsh, Parks Board chair, was intrigued.

“That’s not a bad approach,” he said.

Quinn noted the process “took hard work,” but it started with getting the support of 30 community leaders, with a Saturday meeting for a powerpoint presentation.

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