On Thursday, Nov. 14, representatives from Leathers and Associates, consultants for the Community Build playground project, will be joined by Keizer representatives at six elementary schools for Design Day.

The consultants and members of the Keizer Rapids Park Playground Program (KRP3) will be asking children at the Keizer schools what they want the community build playground to be and look like. They will ask for drawings and input from the youngsters—an estimated 3,000 of them.

The consultants from Leathers and Associates are then to gather all that data and crank out up to six different designs to present to the public that night at the Keizer Civic Center.

That seems like quite the undertaking; how are they doing it?  That’s a lot of ideas, drawings and input to force into a presentation within hours. We hope the consultants and task force members really take to  heart the ideas from the kids and incorporate them.  Kids know what they like, let’s be sure the designs reflect their ideas, not the grown-ups.