To the Editor:

With everything that’s going onwith health care, public safety, etc., I believe a few things should be cleared up.

Because a reasonable amount of public safety is a constitutional guarantee, and because insurance is a matter of personal liability, it is mandatory that we have it. Also, people need to understand what is happening with all the changes that are going on. We are essentially looking at what is called health care rationing. It should be no surprise that we are looking at cutbacks in our economy.

We owe so much that we are paying our creditors for not calling our debts. Meanwhile we are allowing our main stakeholders to reinvest and hedge themselves against a possible future default. This means that the reason why the government has taken over health care is to protect and minimize the damage to a core domestic industry. This also means that our creditors will have control of our health, which means that liabilities such as Medicare and Social Security can be drawn back by the ability to move people off of the system in order to make our dollars stretch.

The socialization of health care simply means that personal responsibility will be considered in weighing liabilities as they cost or benefit society in return. Socialism itself is only possible through privatization.

With the increase in information technology a basket of various criteria will be considered in the future which will customize our services for contributors while limiting them for non-contributors. By knowing the personal health of individuals, such as what’s in their DNA, as well as knowing their overall economic impact, service providers will be able to zero in on an efficient delivery of services based on “quality of the call” response before the event actually becomes live.

This is a debate that the nation needs to have. With 11 billion people expected to populate the planet by 2100, America sits on a vast resource of land which is going to skyrocket in value which is why immigration is such a major issue because of the service industry which will be the social norm which benefits the wealthy land owners—in economics  this is called human capital—which is why I believe we are selling ourselves short.

If the wealth is going to be spread among the nations to control, as stewards the American people should be compensated for having established what has made the American dream a resounding success to this very day.

Matt Chappell