To the Editor:

I am the newest member of the Keizer Fire Board.  I hear lots of opinions from lots of Keizer folks regarding our Keizer Fire District and the current vote for a renewed levy.  Here’s what I want you to know:

The current levy proposal on the November ballot will accomplish two things:

1. It replaces the current service level levy due to expire in 2014 (eight months from now), which pays for our 911 system.

2. It adds two full-time paramedics to support the current six minute response time by Keizer Fire in our community.

Don’t be distracted by divisive “political speak.”  This is a simple question.  If it is important to you to maintain current service levels and six minute response times, you need to vote in favor of the Keizer Fire District Levy on Nov. 5.

Ron Christopher
Keizer Fire Board


To the Editor:

I want to say publicly that everyone in Keizer, every business, every parent, and every senior, should support the Keizer Fire levy (Measure 24-353)coming up on Nov. 5. 2013.

Keizer Fire District has developed their long range funding plan for the good of all Keizer citizens. It is reasonable and effective.

Every business should support it. because lower service by your fire district means you pay higher insurance premiums. Every parent should approve because public safety education delivered by real public service professionals is the best for your child. Every senior citizen should vote yes, because Keizer Fire gets to emergencies in less than six minutes 95 percent of the time. That is an “A” in my book.

If Keizer Fire District cannot maintain these levels of service, what do you think our insurance rates, children, and seniors will do? KFD runs 11 calls a day here in Keizer. I am going to invest in emergency services that will help my community or my family.

Please vote yes on the Keizer Fire District levy to maintain our excellent level of services from Keizer Fire District.

Clint Holland
KeizerTo the Editor:

The ballot for the Keizer Fire District levy arrived today and I have already cast my yes vote. Naysayers are decrying the 69-percent increase this levy represents. While the math is good (rounded), as is the trend with no-tax anti-government types, facts are conveniently ignored. Pertinent here: The rate has not changed in 10 years and the proposed levy replaces the current one, which is expiring. I am hard pressed to list much of anything that has not increased in cost over the past 10 years.

Thanks KFD, my ballot marked “yes” is in the mail.

Jerry Martin


To the Editor:

How many ballots are sitting on top of refrigerators or lost in a pile of newspapers? You can’t help your neighbor or yourself if you leave that ballot on the shelf. Find that ballot now and vote for Measure 24-353 (the Keizer Fire levy).

If you have ever called 9-1-1 you should vote in the affirmative, in my opinion. If you have ever needed an ambulance you should vote for the fire levy. If you have young energetic children please vote for the fire levy. If you are a senior citizen of course you will vote for the fire levy, especially if you live alone. If you like your neighbors vote yes. If you own a business or have other valuable property in Keizer (such as your home) I would hope you would vote yes.

If you don’t fit any of the above groups but are just a good citizen I hope you vote yes.

You have until Nov. 5 to find that ballot. We are all counting on you.

Jerry McGee