Day: October 26, 2013

Against the Keizer Fire levy

 To the Editor: I just received my property tax statement from Marion County.  Despite the dismal economy, my overall taxes went up 12 percent from last year.  I am surprised by the increase but will continue to pay my taxes in...

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In support of Keizer Fire levy

To the Editor: I am the newest member of the Keizer Fire Board.  I hear lots of opinions from lots of Keizer folks regarding our Keizer Fire District and the current vote for a renewed levy.  Here’s what I want you to know: The...

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I’m an early REI customer

To the Editor: There is a feeling of deja vu for me in welcoming REI to Keizer. Wikipedia says that REI has some 11.6 million members today. Consider that I hold membership number 1720. When I joined REI in 1946, it occupied a...

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The math of the Keizer Fire levy

By GREG EGO Keizer Fire District has fielded many calls from district residents asking about the financial impact the proposed operational levy will have on their households. The purpose of the operational levy is to provide...

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