Day: October 26, 2013

Against the Keizer Fire levy

 To the Editor: I just received my property tax statement from Marion County.  Despite the dismal economy, my overall taxes went up 12 percent from last year.  I am surprised by the increase but will continue to pay my taxes in a timely manner. The Keizer Fire District wants to increase their operations levy by an astounding 69 percent.  I believe that is too large of an increase, especially after reviewing my property tax statement. There are some in Keizer who believe that the two fire districts in our community already work close enough together. I recall recent battles where the Keizer Fire District became incensed when Marion County Fire District ambulances made service calls in what Keizer Fire believed to be their area.  The battle started by the Keizer Fire District resulted in ballot measures that epicly failed and also wasted precious monies spent on attorney fees when the two fire districts sued each other.   And the battle between the two fire district administrations continues today.  This is not supposition.  This is fact. Thankfully, I understand that when there is a major incident in the Keizer area, neither district hesitates to respond.  That is the nature of the individual firefighters and first-responders who choose to protect us.  It’s the administrations of the two fire districts that need to do a better job of working together.   Like it or...

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In support of Keizer Fire levy

To the Editor: I am the newest member of the Keizer Fire Board.  I hear lots of opinions from lots of Keizer folks regarding our Keizer Fire District and the current vote for a renewed levy.  Here’s what I want you to know: The current levy proposal on the November ballot will accomplish two things: 1. It replaces the current service level levy due to expire in 2014 (eight months from now), which pays for our 911 system. 2. It adds two full-time paramedics to support the current six minute response time by Keizer Fire in our community. Don’t be distracted by divisive “political speak.”  This is a simple question.  If it is important to you to maintain current service levels and six minute response times, you need to vote in favor of the Keizer Fire District Levy on Nov. 5. Ron Christopher Keizer Fire Board   To the Editor: I want to say publicly that everyone in Keizer, every business, every parent, and every senior, should support the Keizer Fire levy (Measure 24-353)coming up on Nov. 5. 2013. Keizer Fire District has developed their long range funding plan for the good of all Keizer citizens. It is reasonable and effective. Every business should support it. because lower service by your fire district means you pay higher insurance premiums. Every parent should approve because public safety education delivered by...

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I’m an early REI customer

To the Editor: There is a feeling of deja vu for me in welcoming REI to Keizer. Wikipedia says that REI has some 11.6 million members today. Consider that I hold membership number 1720. When I joined REI in 1946, it occupied a closet in the office of accountant Lloyd Anderson in downtown Seattle.  The main offering was little bags of dried foods stored in galvanized garbage cans.  As an avid hiker, backpacker, skier and sometimes climber, I found REI to be the only place available to provide supplies for such activities. At that time, there was only one location and no paid employees (Anderson volunteered the space and his efforts).  Today, REI is reported to have some 132 stores and 11,000 employees. It has come a long way. Art Burr...

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The math of the Keizer Fire levy

By GREG EGO Keizer Fire District has fielded many calls from district residents asking about the financial impact the proposed operational levy will have on their households. The purpose of the operational levy is to provide Keizer Fire District residents with a second full-time ambulance, maintain response times of six minutes or less, and offset the expense of 9-1-1 dispatching to the fire district’s operating budget. The dollar amount property owners pay is established by the Marion County Assessor’s Office.  Per a local realtor, the average home sale price in Keizer is $193,041.  The tax assessed value is usually lower than the market value.  To find the tax assessed value of your home, look for the property tax statement that should have been recently delivered to your home or you could call the Marion County Assessor’s Office. For simplicity and to work in round numbers, let’s assume a home has a tax assessed value of $170,000.  The current Keizer Fire levy rate is 35 cents.  The proposed rate increase is 24 cents more, for a new rate of 59 cents.  The amount that is to be paid is figured at 59 cents per $1,000 of assessed home value. The current rate for a $170,000 home is ($170,000/$1,000) $170 x 0.35 = $59.50 per year, which residents are paying today.  If the proposed measure is approved, the rate would be...

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I didn’t know what I was missing on TV

By DON VOWELL The Oregon Ducks are starting to look like a pretty good team.  I don’t know very much about football.  Not before this season, not now, and not next year.  But it doesn’t take a genius to see that this team is having a magical season. Our local cable TV provider has a poverty package for cheapskate geezers like me.  We get the big three traditional networks, four if you count Fox, also PBS, Discovery, Chemeketa, some shopping channels, and a CNN channel that exists mainly to highlight poor attendance at routine Congressional sessions. In every year before now I have been content to just wait for the games that make it onto broadcast TV.  In most years before now I have also been required to work on Saturdays.  Now I find myself with Saturdays free and a newly found passion for watching football, and a need to beg my acquaintances for permission to watch their TV’s. Not just any football.  These Oregon Ducks have upped the excitement level.  On Saturday night my brother-in-law very kindly pre-empted my sniveling by offering a space in front of his TV.  Late in the first half he was obligated to step out for a few minutes on an errand.  In that time there was an Oregon fumble that Washington State University  picked up and returned for a score.  Then Oregon...

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