Day: October 22, 2013

Looking for crime spots

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes Thanks to technology, officers with the Keizer Police Department can now virtually see where the hot spots in town are. What’s more, officers starting a shift can see where crimes have been clustered and use data to predict where trouble might occur next. Lt. John Troncoso with the KPD explained the Omega Group’s CrimeView Dashboard system during a Keizer City Council work session Monday evening. He was assisted by KPD crime analyst Cara Steele. “This is something we’ve put together in-house,” Troncoso said. “It was originally designed and then presented to patrol officers and sergeants in May. It represents a shift in methodology. We are using this to drive new patrol strategy.” Troncoso noted the KPD has used data-reliant systems in the past, but such system didn’t last long. Recent efforts included a weekly bulletin which highlighted where crime was happening. However, by the time that bulletin came out it was sometimes up to two weeks old. In 2011, KPD supervisors went to an Oregon Department of Transportation conference on Data Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety (DDACTS). That led to a partnership between ODOT and the KPD, with ODOT securing a grant to pay for the $82,000 it took to design the system. Troncoso said using data has been a natural progression. To read the complete article and other news from...

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Where will play structure go?

  By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes As plans move forward with a community build play structure, one key question has yet to be answered: where will it go? A design day is scheduled for Nov. 14, during which a designer with New York-based consultant Leathers and Associates will present ideas gathered from talking with Keizer children over a two-day period. A final place for the meeting has yet to be determined; originally it was going to be at Keizer Civic Center before being moved to Gubser Elementary. However, it might get moved to the Keizer Elementary gym. Just as the location for that meeting is tentative, so too is the play structure’s location. Plans call for the community to build the structure next September at Keizer Rapids Park. Ron Freeman, a member of the Community Build Task Force, gave a brief update on the project during the Oct. 10 West Keizer Neighborhood Association (WKNA) meeting. Richard Walsh, chair of the Keizer Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, noted two areas are being looked at for the play structure: one in the current volleyball area near the amphitheater and the other closer to the boat ramp area. “I like it better by the volleyball court area,” Freeman said. Rhonda Rich, president of WKNA, wasn’t sure. “I can see advantages to both areas,” Rich said. “I want to hear from the...

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