To the Editor:

In last week’s Keizertimes, a letter indicated that the three local fire departments should work together. In fact, they do and have done so for many years by having mutual assistance. Keizer Fire, Salem Fire and Marion County Fire have always helped each other with both fire suppression and ambulance service. There are no barriers.

The author of the letter must be ignorant of the fact that the Salem Fire Department had to close two fire stations because of lack of funds. It now has trouble responding to emergencies within six minutes in some parts of Salem. Keizer Fire does it 95 percent of the time. I believe Marion County Fire currently cannot provide the critical six minute response to all of its service area.

As pointed out before, Keizer Fire has not had a levy increase in 10 years and has continued to provide extraordinary service because it used equipment monies to pay for operations. That is no longer an option. When the economic facts were presented to a 26 citizen advisory committee, which represented all areas within the district, it voted to support the 59 cent levy. Facts always beat supposition. If anyone has questions about the levy, they should contact the Keizer Fire district for facts.

Bill Quinn