To the Editor:

The men and woman of the Keizer Fire District have been putting out fires and saving lives in our community for almost 65 years. The career staff and volunteers are some of the best firefighters and emergency medical staff around. As our city has grown over the years there has been significant changes and increases in calls for service and these folks have stepped up to the challenge.

Government regulations, 911 costs, decreasing Medicare payments for service, Oregon Health Plan issues and increased number of patients transported without insurance are putting a huge burden on operating costs at Keizer Fire District.

Response time is critical in the fire and medical service. It’s vital to arrive at the scene of a fire or medical emergency in six minutes or less to both save lives and put out fires. Keizer Fire strives to achieve that benchmark every day.

Please join me in voting yes on ballot Measure 24-353, so we may continue to receive the “commitment to excellence and dedication of service” from the Keizer Fire District.

Dave Bauer