To the Editor:

No one likes to pay more for services but in this case you may have the option to pay a few cents more monthly for consistent fire emergency response or pay higher fire insurance premiums.

If the Keizer Fire District levy should fail, we can look forward to reduced staff, equipment and increased response times—which will more than likely change our fire insurance status. Why pay more to insurance companies for less fire and emergency response? Your money can be better spent to protect your family and neighbors.

The Keizer Fire District is exceptional in their dedication and service to the Keizer community. The professional staff has voluntarily given up pay increases over the last few years to help manage the budget and continue adequate community services. These people are serving in a high risk occupation to serve others and shouldn’t have to give up salary to manage the budget.

The Keizer community needs adequate fire and emergency response due to an increasing and aging population. Ambulance emergency response is the largest percentage of the fire districts calls. This levy will allow the staffing of a second ambulance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Education and emergency response should be our most important priorities.

Support those who keep you safe.

John P. Rizzo