Month: September 2013

A jewel of a park building

City Manager Chris Eppley is correct in thinking the Charge/caretakers’ house at Keizer Rapids Park should be demolished and a new education center/concession stand be built. Keizer Rapids Park is a regional gem and, once all the amenities are developed, it could very well draw people from throughout the region. Park infrastructure is added each year. Currently home to the Keizer Dog Park, the Keizer Rotary Amphitheatre and a boat ramp, it will soon also feature a destination community build play structure. If a building is to house an education center, a green room for the amphitheatre and a concession stand, then Keizer should see that it is truly a conversation piece. Tear down the existing house and replace it with a low slung, modern, glass enclosed pavilion. Green-tinted glass on all four sides would fit the location well and allow the beauty of the park be seen from within. Due to its surroundings a building there need not be ostentatious. People approaching such a building would know it is something special. Keizer Rapids Park has natural beauty that its architecture should embrace and enhance. We would be the envy of every Oregon city with a post-modern park pavilion....

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Don’t kill ACA, help fix it

To the Editor: I am sick to death of those Republicans who are prepared to go to almost any length to scuttle the Affordable Health Care Act.  Prior to its passage, the United States was the only industrialized nation in the world without some form of universal health care coverage yet Americans pay more and sometimes receive less care than the citizens of other countries. The Affordable Health Care Act isn’t perfect, mainly due to administration efforts to accommodate divergent views, like dropping the single payer provision.  If Republicans really want to serve the best interest of the people, they should stop trying to kill the Affordable Care Act and help fix it, concentrating on ways to bring costs and coverage more in line with that of other countries. Art Burr...

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Non-germane President Obama

By LAWRENCE KUDLOW One of the biggest mistakes President Obama is making in the current debate over the threat of a government shutdown and the failure to raise the debt ceiling is his repeated and stubborn refusal to negotiate. In speech after speech, Obama crusades against negotiation. Has anyone ever seen anything like this? He’s the president. Supposedly, he’s the chief executive. But Obama doesn’t want to dirty his hands by talking to Republican congressional leaders. Now, this is an odd paradigm given the fact that the president and his lieutenants are willing to negotiate with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Syria’s Bashir al-Assad, and most recently, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. They are a motley crew at best and a bunch of dictatorial mass-killing thugs in truth. What does this say about the president’s strategy for the economic health and wealth of his own country, the United States of America? Lately, there have been reports of a possible White House meeting on the so-called continuing-resolution, CR, budget, but there’s no discussion of the debt ceiling. And you really can’t do one without the other; the deadlines are only a couple of weeks apart. And then comes Obama’s extraordinary claim that in the history of the United States, non-budget items have never been attached to the debt ceiling. He is essentially calling Speaker John Boehner and the other GOP congressional members extortionists....

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