Day: September 25, 2013

“Goat Mountain” by David Vann

“Goat Mountain” by David Vann c.2013, Harper $25.99 / $28.99 Canada 304 pages   BOOK REVIEW by TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER It’s always about the hunt. It doesn’t matter whether the stalk takes place on an isle or down an aisle. Makes no difference if the prey has a rack or is on a rack. Could be elusive or expensive, it’s a hunt just the same. The thing is, you never forget your first meaningful hunt. And in the new book “Goat Mountain” by David Vann, that’s doubly true when it goes so terribly wrong. He had been to the hunting camp before. Each year, his father; his father’s best friend, Tom; and his grandfather took him on the long ride through land that had been in the family for ages. Up hills, around winding roads, across cliffs that made him believe they’d crash and die. He stood in the back of the truck and watched for deer. This year, his eleventh summer, he’d be allowed to shoot one. His rifle wasn’t nearly as powerful as the one his father carried or the one Tom owned. Still, he’d been shooting the .30-.30 for two years, anticipating this week. He was angry, sometimes, that he’d been born too late: he’d seen photos of hunts past, and wished he’d been there. And then they got to the gate. His father had poacher-proofed it,...

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Serving others through ServeFest

  By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes There won’t be a normal church service at Lakepoint Community Church Sunday, Sept. 29. At the Keizer Civic Center instead that day will be the fifth annual ServeFest. “We don’t have the typical church service that day,” said Rachel Taylor, event coordinator. “We are the church that day. We want to love on people that day and bless them. We really enjoy it.” This year’s ServeFest, running from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., features a variety of free activities. Food in the form of hot dogs, chips, snow cones and drinks will be served. “Everyone who shows up will have lunch,” Taylor said. Taylor said one of the event’s biggest draws is the clothing giveaway. “We collect thousands of pieces of clothing throughout the year,” Taylor said. “Each person gets a bag and gets to pick up what they would like.” There will also be free school supplies, toiletries items, family photos, haircuts, nail painting and screenings for vision, hearing and blood pressure. There will also be a limited supply of vaccinations, general screenings, bike maintenance checks and bike helmets. For the children there will be an activity area with a play structure, interactive games with prizes and raffle items. To read the complete article and other news from around the Keizer area, pick up a copy of the September 20 print...

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City management is in Eppley blood

By CRAIG MURPHY Of the Keizertimes Chris Eppley didn’t want to be like his dad. But that 1.86 GPA in his first quarter at Oregon State University changed his trajectory. As a result, Eppley became a city manager. Just like his dad. “When I went to OSU, I started as a civil engineer,” Eppley said. “I wanted to do anything but city manager. I was shy to get into the business. My parents had gotten divorced and I feared me becoming a city manager would upset my mom. I was bound and determined to be anything but (my dad). But too much of my dad rubbed off on me.” When Eppley was born, his dad was finishing up his Master in Public Administration (MPA) degree at the University of Kansas. Eppley was three when the family moved to Oregon, as his dad became city manager in Lake Oswego. He grew up in Lake Oswego, staying there after his parents divorced and both remarried. His dad worked for the state of Oregon, then took a city manager job in Texas and eventually one in Illinois. While in high school and college, Eppley would spend summers with his dad, working all summer and saving money so he didn’t have to work during the school year. Entering OSU, Eppley got into Navy ROTC. “They strongly encouraged you to be an engineer,” Eppley...

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