Saturday, Sept. 7, is McNary High School Band Day, when members of the various bands do a community clean-up project and collect recyclables to raise funds for its programs.

Keizer households should have their refundable cans and bottles ready when band members, in full regalia, come to their doors seeking donations of the cans and bottles (they’ll even accept cash).

The money raised will fund a year of competitions, concerts and education. One of the successful programs in Keizer schools, the McNary bands are often at the top when it comes to local and regional competitions. It is about more than just competitions. Their concerts at the school throughout the year are professional-grade musicales. The marching band adds a large dose of spirit to home football games.

Band doesn’t have the geekish reputation it once did. Band members are academic achievers, receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships. McNary’s music programs have made it cool to play an instrument.

We like that the band members go out into the community, knocking on just about every door, they don’t just ask for money, they do something for it. Band Day has been a tradition for many years; it teaches the students that if they want something they have to work for it.

For those who will not be home on Saturday the band asks they place bags of their refundable cans and bottles on the doorstep and they’ll gladly take it away.

The organizers of Band Day, the Booster Club, will be stationed at the corner of Chemawa and River Roads on Saturday to accept donations.

Today’s high school experience is rich with choices and there is cross-over. You’ll find an athlete singing in a choir, a marching band member playing spring sports. There is an activity for every student to enhance their education.

McNary High School has been a leader in offering something for every student and we congratulate and support those who’ll be part of Band Day knocking on our doors on Saturday. –     —LAZ