To the Editor:

It was brought to my attention on August 9 by my neighbor that there was a stake in the corner of my front yard where a new bus stop is going in on Stone Hedge Drive.

Not that I’m not happy to see the buses starting to go back into neighborhoods, but there is a bus stop on McLeod Lane and Stone Hedge Drive, and one at 14th Avenue and Stone Hedge. I do not see why the Salem-Keizer Transit District needs to have a stop between two official bus stops.

A representative of the Transit District said, “They had let the neighbors on the street know that it was starting on Sept. 3.”

I took a petition around to my neighbors to see if they wanted a bus stop along Stone Hedge and if they were given notice. All the neigbors did not know that they (Cherriots) were starting back down the street, and none of them saw any reason for the bus to actually stop on Stone Hedge. Everybody agreed that if they wanted to ride the bus they could walk to the corners like we did years ago.

I can tell you by walking and talking to my neighbors (which the Transit District did not do), not one single person wanted the bus to go down our street.  Stone Hedge is the most narrow street in that neighborhood, it would only make sense for the bus to go down McLeod Lane to Rock Ledge Dr., circle around to the school and back out on 14th. This way people can catch the bus from the back neighborhood at the foot bridge, and at Gubser School. It’s the same route as school buses and it would only take two minutes more. Take a look at the map and it only makes more sense.

Katherine Wade