To the Editor:

Apparently Cherriots can install a new bus route on your street at any time and there’s nothing you can do to stop them.

How would you feel about having a bus stop directly in front of your home, where you and your guests can get ticketed or towed for parking in front of your own property?

How would you feel about having your property values plummet?  How would you feel about having a bus speeding on your street so fast in the evenings that it shakes your house as if it were in an earthquake, causing cracks in your foundation?  How would you feel about your children and pets being exposed to speeding buses?

How would you feel about adding bus traffic to your street, if your street was already overcrowded during the day by the Gubser School pedestrians and traffic?  How many more homes on our street will become rentals, because homeowners will seek a quieter place to live?  How will that affect property values in Keizer? How would you feel if Cherriots ignored your pleadings to instead reinstall the former bus stop on McLeod Lane, which is located on the side of properties, and not directly in front of a home?  How would you feel about not having a voice in the matter?  I can tell you how I feel: I feel like my rights have been violated. Expect action in the upcoming weeks from those of us who live here.

Sharon Marsoun